Working with animals

Of the many options available with a career in working with animals- some undeniably exotic and exciting- all entail a deep love and attraction to our furry creatures.

Some fields require academic courses and degrees, some simply more hands on time at a related  institution or job. The higher end jobs of course entail some years to earn the degree and accreditation thus  are more expensive though reap dividends as to a life's goal. Other jobs can be equally fulfilling in terms of daily exercise acquired in the best low stress format imaginable, that of walking,caring, feeding, grooming and playing with animals and pets.

So working with animals can range all the way from academia and research to literally a circus and exotic animals,  the world is your oyster.

Work with Animals in Australia

Care for Animals

Care for Animals

Many travellers are experiencing the benefits of free accommodation and various other perks for doing animal care jobs in Australia. A great way to travel in Australia and see this beautiful country is to put your hand up to do jobs such as pet sitting, dog walking, or working with animals in zoos. [more]

Become a Vet

Become a Vet

Why not have a think about it today and look into the options you have in getting the right qualifications to become a veterinarian? It could be a life changing decision that makes you all the happier for the rest of your life! [more]

Become a Marine Biologist

Become a Marine Biologist

Marine biologists need at least a bachelor's degree in marine biology. [more]

Wildlife Internship Australia

Taronga Wildlife Hospital (TWH) Invites Students in Veterinary Studies to get Hands-On Experience in Animal Care [more]

Animal Aromatherapy

Pets, especially dogs and horses are often subjected to a therapy with essential oils. The right oil at the correct proportion can heal the pet from its sufferings. In fact, pets generally know the kind of essential oil their body needs for aromatherapy. [more]

Puppy Care

Taking care of a cute looking puppy and mothering it to be a perfect social pet is a rewarding job. However, a lot of hard work, discipline, and frustrations go in the process. If you are interested you can overlook these hurdles and enjoy caring for an adorable pup. [more]

Animal Care Volunteer

Volunteer/Intern Positions - Minimum stay one month.

No experience is necessary as full training will be given. [more]

Volunteer Work with Animals

Apply for volunteer work with Animals in Australia [more]

Dog Trainer

Start your career as a dog trainer [more]

Animal Care Buiness for sale

Animal Care Buiness for sale

Animal carers home for sale [more]

Animal Abuse in Australia

It is difficult for animal lovers to accept the truth about the fate of the animals which are used in races. Racing clubs sometimes work with the animals in an inhuman way. [more]

Animal Protection Australia

Popular Eco-Group Seeks Animal Care Activist to Protect Natural Habitat of Queensland [more]

Animal Conservation Jobs Australia

Versatile conservation jobs in Australia have made this form of animal job a popular vocation for many people. Some choose enduring and risky jobs while many choose short-term volunteering programs. [more]

Zoo Keeper Australia

Zoo keepers must manage the zoo activities and animals thriving in it. They must constantly work on nutritional requirements of the animals and keep a track of their comfort. [more]

Veterinary Jobs Australia

If you have a knack in performing lab tests, biology-related experiments, and endure job work patiently, you can easily work your way to be a successful veterinary pathologist. Successful professionals like this who love animals immensely, discover some pioneering vaccines for animals. [more]

Equine Veterinarians Australia

AVA Announces Pioneering Hendra Vaccine that will Break Transmission of the Hendra Virus [more]

RSPCA in Australia

RSPCA Australia Urges Government to Ensure Meat-Only Trade [more]

Horseback Riding Australia

Many horse riders become riding instructors once they have a good control over horses. They either work with a stable owner or take up a freelancing riding job. If you want to enjoy a long holiday at the Outback, you can be a riding instructor at a ranch as well. [more]

Animal Welfare Jobs Australia

Australia leads in animal welfare programs through various organizations, such as the RSPCA. You can volunteer in various animal welfare programs or work as a veterinary surgeon, and educate people about the newly developed farming schemes. [more]

Assistance Dog Trainer

Dogs can perform some specific duties, such as assist a physically or mentally challenged person in living an independent life. Such dogs, known as assistant dogs, need to be trained intensely by professional dog trainers. [more]

Veterinary Jobs Australia

In Australia, vets are in great demand as majority of the household have pets that range from dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and many more. The pros not only treat pets in distress but also advise people about how to maintain special pets. [more]

Careers with Reptiles

It isnít easy to take care of reptiles, especially when many of them are poisonous. Today, pet owners having reptilian pets don't need to worry as there are avid pet caregivers who look after reptiles. Many take up such daring pet jobs by choice. [more]

Pet Groomer Jobs

Youngsters, who like animals, sometimes choose pet grooming as one of their career options. From animal attendants, trainers, and pet groomers, there are various jobs for animal care workers who look after the wellbeing of the pets. [more]