Taking care of a cute looking puppy and mothering it to be a perfect social pet is a rewarding job. However, a lot of hard work, discipline, and frustrations go in the process. If you are interested you can overlook these hurdles and enjoy caring for an adorable pup.

Puppy Care: Dog Sitting with a Difference where Dog Sitters have Immense Responsibilities for Rearing Up a Pup

We generally come across dog sitting jobs where we have to look after a pet already residing in a house. Perhaps the owner must have some work and needed a sitter to help him out. However, taking care of a puppy born at a breeder’s home or a dog rescue shelter can be yet another interesting dog sitting job.

You need not train the pup as a perfect pet but ensure it has learnt certain things that are useful for allowing it to live as a social pet. Aggressive, unwanted, and asocial puppies can graduate to become indiscipline ferocious pets that bite or growl at every drop of a hat.

Caring for Puppies: Are You the One?
Puppies are cuddly no doubt but you must be patient in dealing with them. It is not necessary for you to be young and strong so as to run after the pup. Even elders requiring company, people looking for some comfort, dog lovers intending to nurse a dog or simply a teen kid checking out some job to keep busy during after-school hours can look after a pup.

Some kennel boarders who also train guide dogs or service pets seek volunteers or pet lovers to look after pups. Some instructions are provided though to ensure the puppies grow up to be young dogs capable enough to take more training from the dog trainers.

Today, dog sitting or puppy sitting is used as a therapeutic antidote for students who are nervy, slow in their work, or generally depressed. Puppies help stressed people to calm down. As a part of the therapy, the puppies are introduced to the kids or adults to assuage their sufferings.

In fact, “puppy rooms” are available in many universities and colleges to help motivate and de-stress students. It is also possible to visit kennel boarding clubs to spend some time with the puppies as well.

What are Common Tasks You Need to Do?   
Puppy care can be a little demanding if you cannot give time to your job. For instance, puppies must not be kept alone in the house for a long time, especially if they are going to be service dogs in the future.

They must be taken to public places or walked along busy subways – if allowed – to make them social and imbibe a friendly character. Puppies who are subjected to different types of noise, people, kids, and spots tend to be matured dogs in later years. As a puppy-sitter you should help the dogs get such experiences.

Generally, you can keep the puppies at your home as a puppy-sitter till they are 18 months old. The kennel boarding head will tell you exactly about the puppy chores and how much time you need to devote to the sitting.

Sounds interesting? Check with us for tips and tricks to train puppies or work with them at your free time.