Work Experience with Animals

10 Reasons to Work with Animals

There is no denying that deep down; we are all animal lovers at heart. Be it in owning pets, enjoying time at the zoo or just enjoying a good nature documentary, there is something about animals that makes humans all warm and fuzzy inside. But a special group of people, work with animals as it is a dream and they go into the industry to get closer to the animals they love. If you aren’t one of these lucky people, here are 10 reasons as to why you should consider working with animals, as be a dog sitter, dog walker, or a vet nurse.

  • It’s a rewarding experience: there is no doubting that working with animals can be rewarding. Going to work everyday knowing you will get to spend it with all sorts of different creatures will bring you a sense of joy every time you head into work. It’s also a great way to do something different than the ‘normal’ jobs that you may find yourself getting bored with everyday.
  • It can make a difference: no matter what industry you get into with animals, you can personally make a difference in the lives of animals. For example, you could get into the field of veterinarians and you will be helping out animals on a daily basis. There aren’t many industries where the help you give is always met with a positive response, as the animals will always be grateful for whatever help you give. You can opt for becoming a pet sitter, dog listener, or a cleaner.
  • It’s something different than the boring office: going into the same office day in and day out can obviously become boring and tedious. By working with animals, you can endure numerous environments, from working inside in large areas or even outside with animals in the wild. It’s always ever changing and exciting.
  • New friendships can be found and enjoyed: a friendship with an animal is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Finding a companion with an animal is rewarding on so many levels and has numerous positive effects. It also can bring you closer to other animal lovers who share similar interests to you
  • You can travel the world: depending on the field of animals you get into, your work can expand to numerous locations on a global scale. If you work with wild animals that live in various locations, you could be travelling to many different countries to experience their natural habitat, say, working in Australia. You would also gain work experience with animals. The possibilities are endless
  • You can save lives: as mentioned previously with the veterinarians, you have the ability to save animals lives. But it’s not just vets that can do this. You could work for an animal shelter and look after animals that would no doubt die without proper care and treatment. You can even save humans lives with the right industry, such as guide or disability dogs.
  • New things can be learned: as with any job, you will gain numerous amounts of experience in many different industries but you will also learn facts and interesting things about the animals you work with. Be this about the environment they live in or even what food they eat. You will come home every night with new things to tell the family.
  • Its new everyday: working with animals never gets boring and is always different. One day you could find yourself riding a horse in a field and the next day you could be swimming with sharks in South Africa. The possibilities are endless and as much as you put your mind to it, you can find whatever tickles your fancy.
  • It’s a different social environment: working with like minded people on a daily basis is an extremely rewarding experience. No longer do you need to step around your inner love for all things animals at your place of employment, as you will no doubt be surrounded by other animal lovers wherever your new field of employment takes you. You can stop a dog from jumping up or tame it to perfection.
  • Its fun: this is the most important reason to take out of this. It always remains fun to work with animals, and it’s something you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

With these steps in mind, why not consider a change of career and become involved with animals in some way? You’ll forever be thankful you made the decision!