Becoming a VET

Becoming a vet and getting a career in animal care is certainly a fantastic idea. Not only do you get to work with animals on a daily basis but you also get the chance to help others in a way only a vet can. You will also find yourself in an industry where every day is different and you always be needed no matter what the economic circumstances.

However it isn't easy. It takes a lot of dedication on your behalf to become a vet and involves a lot of hard work and study to get there! You first step should be to find a local university in Australia that offers a degree in veterinary science, as this is what you require in order to be a qualified vet. Unfortunately this isn't a degree that every Australian university, so you should do a bit of research online to find out the nearest one to you in offering this course. International students keen for migration to Australia can study TAFE courses in various universities and colleges in Australia.

You will find that some Australian universities do offer some form of veterinarian training but it may require further study after you complete it. Australian High school students thinking of going to uni for their degree should always find out what courses they may need to do in high school in order to be properly considered for a position at the university. If you are a mature aged student wanting to change careers, then you too should contact universities for TAFE Australia curriculum in order to see what requirements you need before applying for the course. The course is long (around 6 years), hard and demanding, but the rewards are there at the end of the course.

After you do get your degree you need to become a registered vet in your state of practice so you will need to contact your local veterinarian board for information on how this is done. During your time at university it is always a good idea to volunteer as an pet care provider in various homes and farms. You would gain experience in working with animals. Even the most confident person around animals may struggle in certain situations when they start their career as a vet and in volunteering your time before you start your career you may find it potentially easier to get a pet job with certain experiences on your resume. You can check out our Wwoof Australia option to enroll as a volunteer in special animal farms.

You may also find that it can give you good contacts within the industry and help you find pet jobs in an area that you know and with people you are comfortable working with. It also gives you a chance to get to know your clients if you were to be successful in becoming a vet at that practice. Many international students moving to Australia look for free accommodation as a pet sitter cum vet while work on their internship. But by sticking with it, and being patient, you will soon find yourself being in control of numerous animals lives and making a difference in your community!