Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue


Nine Lives Saved

A lot of people who strive to work with animals like to get into an industry where they can make a difference and really help out with animals lives. A popular choice is working with dogs, as dogs are seen as a very popular pet to have and remain loyal, fun and obedient at the best of times.

Various industries for dog lovers include working within the field of guide dogs and training them, greyhound racing, dog grooming and even at their local dog's home. There is however not as many passionate people about working within fields that involve cats.

Generally if you are a dog person, you aren't a cat person and it takes a lot of different personal requirements to really like our feline friends. They do also tend to get quite a bad wrap in society when it comes to stray cats and killing off native birds and animals. But just as it is important to look after our dogs when they are in their hour of need, it is also important to look after our cats too as they often find themselves without a home and needing love and care.

A great place to start if you are a passionate cat lover is to head down to your local cat shelter and offer to volunteer. They often run out of space and room to look after all the numerous strays and cats that get delivered to them so a large volunteer brigade is required to make sure each of them are looked after equally. Whether it be grooming the cat, clipping its claws, feeding them or just showing them some love, it is important to keep a fair amount of care to each cat.

It's a sad fact though that not every cat can find a home and that eventually they must be humanely put down in order to save up space and not have the cat be ignored for the rest of their life.

If you have a large home and a pet friendly household, why not adopt a new kitty and care for it and love it just as much as you would with any human? Cats are independent creatures who like their space, so they are perfect for people who aren't always capable of showing large amounts of love to their pets. They are also fairly quiet and docile creatures compared to a dog, and an aggressive cat won't cause nearly as much damage and fear as an aggressive dog will.

It's important to control your kitty, and if you let it outside make sure you keep a watch over it so that it doesn't run away and run amuck in the neighbourhood. If neither of these options tickles your fancy but you still want to work with cats, then you could always join your local show cat club or even volunteer to work with the local council to help maintain the stray population humanely and safely.

And for the more game people who are willing to do a lot of training, you could always aim big and go for the big cats in zoos and in the wild. Becoming a zoo keeper could give you the chance to work with animals such as lions and tigers, but a lot of hard work and effort is needed in order to reach that level.

Wherever your passion lies though, don't discount working with cats as they are just as important in society and loveable as dogs are, and can make you just as satisfied in ownership and loved as well.