Animal Welfare Jobs Australia

Australia leads in animal welfare programs through various organizations, such as the RSPCA. You can volunteer in various animal welfare programs or work as a veterinary surgeon, and educate people about the newly developed farming schemes.

Tough Measures and Hard Work have made RSPCA Activists Unique and Motivated

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is an organisation that is dedicated to fight against the cruelty and undignified living conditions of animals, both domestic and wildlife. The organisation offers a wide range of services, such as medical help, animal care services to the rescued animals, and nourishment and training of the animals at the shelters.

As a result of its various activities, the RSPSA constantly requires animal care workers with experience or without to work in various departments and projects. It can just be a simple nursing job to an injured or frightened animal, intricate surgery of an endangered species, or improvement of regulations and guidelines to stop maltreatment to animals.

Veterinary Experts
Those who have studied Animal Studies, especially veterinary programs have a good career ahead of them in the RSPCA. If you are looking for hands-on experience or want to make your career in an organised steadfast group which is dedicated to the welfare of animals, you can work in the RSPCA as veterinary expert. There are 12 shelters under this group in the NSW itself, out of which 4 are veterinary hospitals. There are more throughout Australia where sick animals are treated, nursed, and rehabilitated.

Not only will you be in charge of providing first-aid treatment to the diseased or injured animal, but also given responsibilities to find out how to prevent these incidents. Veterinary nurses are given tasks to nurse animals back to their good health. Veterinary pathologists are also hired to find out various types of medicines to cure diseases in animals.

Regulatory Bodies
The RSPCA not only checks the animals in the wild so that they are not cruelly treated or hunted incessantly by poachers, it also checks government policies on livestock, domestic animals, stray animals, and pets.

If you have the necessary learning, you can do your bit in this field. For instance, many veterinary lawyers are hired by the group to ensure that the animal welfare programs are implemented in the best way. They also recommend various regulations, guidelines, and schemes to ensure animals are protected and humanely treated.

For instance, the RSPCA recently asked the government to stop live export of animals to various countries unless there are facilities and shelters to maintain them. It has also come up with approved farming schemes to ensure poultry and farm animals are not allowed to stay in a distressing condition while living in the farms.

You can come up with various regulations if you are interested to work in this area. You can be one of the team of workers in this organisation who work with the following motto in mind: duty of care.

The RSPCA also requires educationists to help educate people all throughout Australia – and, sometimes abroad about animal care, legal and ethical ways of pursuing business with animals, and prevention of cruelty to animals.

Animal Care Workers
Even if you don’t have any experience, you can still do a lot for the RSPCA and help animals which require aid in various forms, training, rehabilitation, vaccination, and lot more. You can rescue and rehabilitate domestic animals actively, or work at various shelters. Some activists are simply cleaners while many others are caregivers.

Looking for an opportunity to work in such prestigious organisation? Why not inform us with your interest and expectations.