Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

You will no doubt at some point in your life have owned a dog. It's usually something most of us will go through when growing up as a kid or when we have kids ourselves. And we all know how demanding a dog can be at certain points in their life and what type of care and love they need. One thing too they that all generally need is a certain level of training in order to keep them in line and that they listen to even the most basic of commands.

It makes everyone's lives a whole lot simpler in the long run. In owning dogs you would know how difficult it can be to train a dog, but how rewarding it is as soon as your dog listens to you and is trained in exactly the way you want it. I bet one thing though you have never thought about is taking that skill of training a dog and turning that into a career, because there is a wide variety of people out there who have done exactly that. A dog trainer is always in high demand, and there are numerous ways in which you can go about becoming one.

Your first point of call should be to a local dog trainer to simply talk to them about their profession and find out how they went about becoming what they are. They may even be able to assist in training you, or at least directing you to the right people who can do the job. Always ask the dog trainer if it's possible for you to observe them in action as well, so you can really gauge an opinion on the profession and find out if it's really something you want to do.

Another good idea is to constantly practice on your own dog as well as your friends and family's dogs. Teaching them all the basic commands such as 'sit' and 'stay' will help you read a dog better and allow you to have the basic principles in place when it comes to furthering your career. Always read as much as you can about training dogs about numerous different methods, as you may find certain ways of training dogs work better than others and you may find one or two specifically work the best and easiest for you. Persistence and patience is key. Another option that will probably give you the best chance of making it big as a dog trainer is to take a certified dog training course in your local area. Unfortunately there are only a few of these located in Australia so you will need to look around, and you may even need to relocate in order to properly gain your qualification. If this isn't an option you may find some courses online in which you can do them via correspondence which may take a little longer and cost you a bit more.

Alternatively you can also contact the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers as they can provide you with detailed information on the specific requirements on becoming a dog trainer in this country. They should also be able to answer any questions you may find yourself having and direct you to people within your area that may be able to help. If you do feel confident in your abilities, you can then go and advertise your services in local classifieds and newspapers to try and gauge a reception for what you are offering. Obviously you will find other dog trainers in the area will no doubt get the bulk of business while you are starting off, but it only takes a few clients to get some good word of mouth going before you can really make a mark. After you establish yourself you can then always specialise in certain dog training areas, such as show training or competition training.

These types of training all have their benefits and negatives so you should look into them further if it's something that interests you. Hopefully this information has provided you with a few answers to help you start your career as a dog trainer and get your new career on track!