Careers with Animals

Careers with Animals in Australia

Change your career and work with animals today!

Are you sick of working in your job day to day and never really getting a chance for anything too different? Do you wish you had some more excitement in your daily job? Then why not consider changing careers and working with animals! Yes that's right, a career with animals can really change things and make you appreciate your job a whole lot more! Here are some tips and advice that can help you make a decision in working with animals and you could change your life as soon as tomorrow if need be!

Choose an animal that you would like to work with
You may be a dog lover, you may be a cat lover, but whichever animal you like you should work out which animal you would prefer to work with! If you like dogs, then there are so many different jobs you could choose! Some examples are:

  • Dog rescuer: helping rescue injured and abandoned dogs
  • Dog groomer: grooming and trimming dog's hair and making them look pretty!
  • Dog listener: a similar job to a horse whisperer, help communicate with dogs
  • Dog trainer: help train dogs so that they can do tricks and obey basic commands

There are so many more potential jobs to do with dogs that we haven't listed there that you would be capable of doing! But if dogs aren't for you and you prefer cats, then why not think of the following:

  • Cat rescuer: exactly the same as a dog rescuer, help rescue abandoned cats
  • Cat groomer: trim cats nails and make them pretty for shows and competitions
  • Cat trainer: cats can be trained too! Train them to do tricks and obey some commands
  • Cat breeder: learn how to breed cats and then sell the kittens to make extra money

Of course there are plenty of other animals out there in which you can work closely with so make your mind up and then you have the potential to be a very happy person! And you don't necessarily have to work with just one type of animal; you can always work with various types of animals all out once if you can't make your mind up! Always have a bit of a look around for some better options and you will find the one that best suits you!

Learn how to get to your new career

Sometimes you will have to do some new courses in order to reach your new career so you should look into the career you have chosen and what qualifications should be required. You should also look into whether or not you have to travel for your new career or whether or not you may have to relocate to get the training you need as this may change your life completely should you have to travel. A good idea too is to get as much experience working with animals as possible that will help give you valuable additions to your CV to show to potential new employers. This can include anything from some volunteer work down at your local animal rescue shelter right through to getting paid to serve customers at your local pet store, it'll count for something in the long run. You can also take the time to read as much literature on your chosen profession and study as much as you can in order to become extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Your brain is a source of potential knowledge that can hold loads of information so hit the books and get ready!

Learn to love your new career!
After you put in all the hard yards of training and get all the qualifications you need you will then be ready to get involved in your new chosen career! Remember to enjoy yourself as much as possible and realise how much fun you are having compared to your old career. You have the potential to earn lots of money by doing something you really love, so doesn't that sound like a good time? Of course it does! So look into the career change today and you will be better off for the rest of your life!