Animals for Movies

Animals for Movies

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Making Your Pet a Movie Star!
By Ben Waterworth

While most people assume animal jobs mean getting paid for working with animals, have you ever thought about the potential of getting your animal a job? Sounds a bit far fetched I know, but there are lots of industries and potential jobs going in which your own animal can earn you money. From using them for labour to putting them on show, there is potential out there if you search around. One such industry that has large amounts of benefits should you succeed is the movie and TV industry.

There are numerous amounts of TV and movie productions that work with animals and if your pet has the right look, temperament and is basically trained then it could be selected to become its very own star! Imagine seeing your favourite house pet, such your parrot, doberman, Siberian cat, or Birman cat on the big screen in the next big budget movie at your local cinema? You would certainly be reaping in the rewards if it went on to become successful! But just like people getting into the industry, it isn't as simple as it sounds and there are some steps you should take in order to try and make it happen. Much like humans in movies and TV, generally well established pets get pet jobs in the industry as directors like to use animals they know will do the right thing. So the first steps are to essentially get recognised.

You can try and start off small by getting roles in local TV commercials or other advertisements and then not only can you start making a name for your animal but you can also get them used to the type of things they will be subject too in order to film the perfect shot. A good string of commercials will get you a bit of a reputation and eventually lead to further work. Such advertisements as pet food or pet care commercials are perfect, so keep a hunt in your local newspaper or on the internet for possible casting opportunities and take them on board at every opportunity you have! Another great idea is to employ the services of an animal talent agent. Yes, they really do exist! By employing their services you will essentially have somebody on hand who knows the industry well and can help your pet secure work locally but also potentially nationally and internationally as well. While they aren't generally cheap, they are still a great investment if you are serious about getting your animal into the entertainment industry.

You should also consider other potential outcomes with your animal too. Working in the entertainment industry often comes with long and weird hours, so ensure you have a flexible schedule should a job opportunity arise. Also, is your animal good around bright lights and loud noises? Given that these will become an everyday norm to your animal you should maybe test this out to save yourself the embarrassment of a disobedient animal on day 1 of filming!

Another thing to realise is that your pet will more than likely have to work around other animals, so ensure your pet is well behaved around other creatures so that again you can avoid embarrassment when it comes to filming. And with these in mind, it won't be long until you can pave the road for a successful career in the entertainment industry for your favourite pet and you can soon be earning money for their efforts! While not an easy route to take, it's always another option and you could be looking at the future next big thing in the world of TV and movies!