Animal Care Policies

Man has been using animals for various purposes since ages. Although animals are being used to accomplish tasks, yet how ethical is it to work, train, or use an animal in a particular way?

Working with Animals by Using Ethical Techniques and Training Sessions

All over the world, animals have taken part in completing major tasks. Whether pulling logs across the hills, providing milk and nourishment to mankind, or entertaining them with their tricks, they have been obediently doing their job. Although these tasks seem quite amazing yet a lot of labour goes into training them to reach such a stage where they can perform as per the expectations of man. And, here lies the legal way in which one can use force to subjugate the animals.

Racing Animals
In Australia, animals are used for entertaining people where they take part in races and put their best energy to win the race so that their owners can clinch the bets. From greyhounds to horses there are numerous animal races quite popular in Australia.

The rigorous training, after-retirement issues, and over-breeding conditions are some of the heinous crimes done on these animals.

The government as well as the RSPCA has come up with recommendations to ensure the animals are not subjected to harsh training or thrown away after they lose their capability to run fast or get injured in the process.

Animals for Scientific Purposes
Many animals are also used for scientific purposes in labs and research work. After experiments, these animals die in great pain while some endure the cruel onslaught of the experiments. During captivity, they are often neglected.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has encouraged the practice of Australian Code of Practice
for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes. According to this code of conduct, the scientists must conform to standards delineated in the code.

Animals Bred as Livestock

There are thousands of livestock in the form of sheep, cows, turkeys, hens, and ducks which are bred for catering to the meat-processing industry. Thousands are slaughtered in most inhuman conditions. The animals or birds kept in the farms are also kept in a pathetic condition.

The RSPCA has come up with recommendations where it has sought help from the government to stop such heinous activities. The government has now banned the export of live animals. Only animal meat will be exported. The government has also implemented laws on how the domestic animals will reside in the farms and what food they will take.

Trained Animals
Animals are subjected to stressful situations during training – such as those required to protect people, find narcotics, and so on. Some die during the training process.

The government has set up rules which must be followed before training the animal. Only animals suitable to get trained are taken up by legal training institutes to train the animals.

It’s not ethical and legal to tether animals inappropriately, keep big animals, such as elephants in captivity, or hunt feral animals with the help of dogs. Cock fights or killing of animals without sufficient reason is also banned by the government.

If you are planning to work with animals, make sure you know the legal ways of working with them. You can help in implementing these solutions for the animals.

Make sure that crimes against animals get noticed. You can also study animal welfare and animal ethics program offered by many institutes in Australia to educate people on animal care.

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