Pet Groomer Jobs

Youngsters, who like animals, sometimes choose pet grooming as one of their career options. From animal attendants, trainers, and pet groomers, there are various jobs for animal care workers who look after the wellbeing of the pets.

Enjoy the Association with Pets and Earn a Handsome Amount through Pet Grooming

Suitable groomers with some years of valuable experience can get jobs at animal farms, ranches, boarding kennels, animal shelters, and vet hospitals. Some pet groomers are also hired by pet owners. Many groomers-cum-trainers are hired by pet shops that sell service dogs.

Many pets, especially dogs and cats, require elaborate grooming. Grooming tasks include:

  • Trimming the furry coat
  • Brushing the soft hairs on the body
  • Pruning and cleaning nails
  • General maintenance of the body

…And, in farms, cattle, sheep, and horses require animal attendants to clean and feed the animals.

Pathway for Students
Many international students, who are planning to move to Australia, become a pet groomer, animal care therapist, or pet-sitter. An ideal person would be someone who is energetic, immune to allergies, and patient to understand the needs to the animals.

A graduate student could easily take up a TAFE course on Animal Studies and Companion Animal Studies to know the nuances of pet grooming and animal care. The course would entail how to take care and train domestic pets and companion animals. The 2-semester yearly course would educate the students on how to groom various types of animals and work with the tools that are needed for cleaning and feeding animals.

Once the traineeship is complete, the students could get entry-level jobs Australia. A pet groomer would generally possess a license to perform the job.

Basic Tasks
A dog groomer would need to clean and brush the dog to prevent hair from matting and falling. Dirt from ears and nails are cleaned, coat is brushed and shampooed, and massage is given regularly. Winter proofing the paws or protecting the dog from tear staining are some of the tasks done by the dog groomer. Apart from dogs, fishes, birds, cats, and reptiles are also groomed


The pet groomers are compensated for their services. However, the amount would differ from the experience that one groomer would have and the amount of work he or she needs to do in the job. For instance, a high maintenance dog, such as a Newfoundland would require daily brushing, pruning, and cleaning. Affenpinschers may require their tails to be docked as well.

The salary would generally vary from 350 Dollars to 900 Dollars per week. Some pet groomers only work during the weekends where they come over to the pet owner’s house and perform the cleaning and bathing rituals. The remuneration would differ as per the work done by the pet groomer and the conditions in which he or she needs to work. For instance, catteries, vet clinics, rescue shelters, and farms may involve working with sick animals. Conditions are generally messy as well. The compensation would be given accordingly.