Dog Listener

Dog Listener

Dog Listeners are needed!

By Ben Waterworth

I'm sure you have heard of a 'horse whisperer' right? Somebody who talks and 'listens' to horses to find out their problems and helps change their behaviour. Well did you know that there is a similar profession when it comes to dogs? Yes that's right! They are known as 'dog listeners' and they are professionals that are urgently needed! It's a fairly new concept too, coming out of the United Kingdom by a person called Jan Fennel. Jan created a method that involves her training dog owners to 'listen' to their dogs and communicate with them in a way they understand so that they can prevent any behavioural issues that may be causing issues for both the dog and owner. A dog trainer who knows how to work with animals can be a dog listener. Some groomers also graduate to become dog listeners.

It sure does sound like a complicated job and procedures in becoming a dog listener but there are steps you can take in order to becoming one. And a dog listener is a great way to get closer to dogs and work with animals on a daily basis, as well as having a very unique career that you will find a large number of people have never heard about! Becoming a dog listening will take some time however. It is also something that involves a bit of luck and more often than not it involves some travel. With Jan being based in the United Kingdom you may find yourself having to venture over there to take her course, as you need to obtain a Certificate of Advanced Canine Communication run by Jan herself. She does travel sometimes around the world to offer the course to people but it is generally easier to travel over to the United Kingdom to take the course in person.

As this is a relatively new industry, there aren't a whole lot of trained dog listeners in Australia so it would make you a very unique person when it comes to having your services wanted. It would also give you the potential to travel a fair distance and make up for the initial travel costs involved in going to the United Kingdom in the first place by having people employ you for your skills all the way around Australia as well as to certain parts around the world. Could you do this if you were just a normal dog trainer? Or a dog groomer? Or even a vet? It's very doubtful as you will find these professions in all parts of the world! But finding a dog listener isn't that simple! Once you travel to the United Kingdom to work with Jan you will find two different courses run by her.

The first is a course in Canine Communication which is run over two days and is the more basic of the two courses. The second is the more advanced course and will only go for an extra day and is called an Advanced Course in Canine Communication. It all really comes down to how much time firstly you have when you are in the UK as well as how seriously you want to get into the industry. Why not devote an extra day to the advanced course to really further your prospects on your return to Australia? It's an extra 24 hours that could easily improve your chances of being hired. On your return to Australia, you will then find it takes the hard yards in order to even get work! You should first advertise your services on local websites and notice boards and gauge how much response you get. A lot of people may be curious as to what you actually do so expect a few phone calls asking a lot of questions at first!

Once you get a bit of notoriety in your community you will find that you will more than likely get more phone calls and your first clients will start to come. Your services will all of a sudden be in demand and your hard work in becoming a dog listener will finally pay off! It is definitely a unique industry but you can always think of the benefits involved in taking the chance on becoming a dog listener. Why not look around your local area and find out how many other dog listener's are around? For all you know you could be the only one and you could easily have a monopoly on the industry in your area. Whatever the case is however, remain focussed on your goal and you will soon reach your dream of becoming a dog listener! Check our site for regular update and job prospects on dog listening and dog care.