Pet Jobs

Taking an aggressive dog into the world
By Ruby Buckton

Doing pet jobs was always a dream of mine, especially when such animal jobs could be done on the other side of the world in Australia! The best part about the jobs as pet sitters too was the fact that I didn't have to pay for the accommodation and even got some of my food for free! One of my jobs with animals was a little bit difficult one time so I had to ensure I was on my toes!This family was based at Australia-New Zealand border. I was enrolled for a dog walking job for a family pet. I had to go for dog walking for the dog that was slightly aggressive. It made it hard when I had to go for dog walking in public as he had the tendency to attack other dogs and growl at other people. I had to find an effective way to fix the situation. I would start off small and take him to areas close to home to test out his reactions. He would generally be okay in a situation where nobody was around, but as soon as somebody came towards him or was near him he would act out.I would try to sort this situation out by getting somebody to come over to the owner's house with the dog. When the dog would growl at the person I would gently tell him off and remain in control. As he got better with the person I would reward him for his efforts. Eventually after a lot of practice he became fine and wouldn't be aggressive towards people in public. It was a long, hard road to get there but it worked out in the end!I had ultimately successful in my dog walking jobs. As a dog walker, this was a hilarious training work experience I gathered. It won me another pet job at Gold Coast in Australia which I applied while going through various ads posted on Internet job sites.