Which Species

Which Species


Which Species

If you've decided to work with animals then you should always consider what type of animal you wish to devote your time towards. There are of course numerous breeds out there in which you can work with, so use some of our tips here on many different animals to help make your mind up!

Probably the most popular choice for people who want to get into the animal industry, there are numerous jobs you can choose from when it comes to dogs. From dog trainer right through to dog groomer and everything in between, your love for dogs could soon become a very long and rewarding career. Dogs are often called 'mans best friend' and they soon could also become your number one source of income as well.

Another popular choice, cats aren't exactly for everybody. A lot of people find themselves allergic to cats which can be a problem, but the docile and independent nature of felines can also make them popular too. From being a cat groomer to a cat trainer (yes they exist!) you have a wide variety of industries to choose from. Many travelers planning to enjoy tourism in Australia look for pet sitter job in cities and towns in the country. Apart from free accommodation, they can also enjoy working with pets. The best way how to work with animals is to be a pet care giver where you can get ample opportunities and work experience.

Our feathered friends do require more assistance sometimes than you think, and you can be anything from a bird trainer, bird racer or even a professional bird watcher. As there are large amounts of bird breeds spread right across the world, you have the potential to travel far and wide so it's a good industry to get involved in if you want to see the world.

Similar to birds, fish need a lot more help than you think! It is also an industry where it can take you places as well and you can experience all sorts of amazing sea creatures the world over! You then can have the potential to work in places such as aquariums.

Rats & Mice
Not for the faint hearted, these little creatures often invoke more fear into a person than love. But there are rat and mice breeders around and you can definitely work with them if they are your true love. Be prepared for small hand work though!

Another creature considered to be more or a pest than a cute pet, rabbits too need care and love and are very popular show animals. You can work out what part of the rabbit industry you wish to work in, from helping prevent rabbit populations humanely right through to being a rabbit breeder. If you have TAFE course on animal care, you can work on such projects.

Just like rats and mice, definitely not for the faint hearted. There are great research opportunities to be involved in with insects and with the amount of species that exist you will never get tired of your job!

Wild Animals
A popular choice also as you would always be experiencing new creatures in their natural habitat, working with wild animals gives you chance to experience nature at its finest. Patience is needed though as is bravery, as certain wild animals will not react too kindly to being worked with!

Multiple Animals
There are numerous industries where you don't have to choose a specific type of animal and can work with all of the above! Such career paths as vet nurse, park rangers and zookeepers offer people the chance to work with numerous breeds and types, so always consider one of those paths if you can't make your mind up 100%!

Hopefully these tips and advice have helped make your mind a little clearer when it comes to choosing the correct animals to work with!