Horseback Riding Australia

Many horse riders become riding instructors once they have a good control over horses. They either work with a stable owner or take up a freelancing riding job. If you want to enjoy a long holiday at the Outback, you can be a riding instructor at a ranch as well.

Job of a Riding Instructor is Fun If You are a Confident Rider and Know How to Tackle Equine Problems

Often, a horse rider becomes a jockey as it is a rewarding profession. If you have a mastery in dealing with horses, it is one of the ideal professions you can choose for a successful living. However, such a career option is risky. Many horse lovers and powerful riders choose teaching profession instead where they work as a riding instructor.

Job Profile
A riding instructor is primarily hired to teach students how to ride a horse. The instructors are generally paid on an hourly basis. The stable owner may also request instructors to perform some additionally responsibilities, such as train horses for certain tasks.

You may be asked to train a horse for dressage, race, jump, and trot at a particular pace. If you are working as a trainer as well, you may be given a monthly fee for the job.

Educational Qualification for Equine Instructor Job
Only knowing how to ride a horse, does not give you an edge in the market to be a horse instructor. An experienced horse instructor starts early in the career by taking up any of the following courses:

  • Certificate III in Sport Coaching Equestrian
  • Certificate IV in Sport Coaching Equestrian
  • Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation

If you have further knowledge in horse training or animal grooming, it will always help in your career. Through this learning, the instructor will be able to:

  • Manage stable and horses
  • Monitor safety rules and manage risks
  • Teach riders how to ride as per the correct principles
  • Apply horse riding in one’s business
  • Teach intermediate horse riding skills

Working Holiday and Internships
Although many horse instructors are now in a position to command a good salary, the job may not be that easy during the initial days of the career. You may have to start as an intern. Often unpaid, the internship however, gives you the scope to learn the trade, understand how the practical session works.

Another way of enjoying this kind of pet job is to go on a working holiday to the Outback. In the Outback, there are numerous ranches, horse-riding schools, and Jillaroos and Jackaroos schools that have classes on horse riding.

If you have the required skill, you can join these schools as a faculty or trainee faculty. While you train horses and teach students on riding a horse, you enjoy an entertaining holiday in the Australia’s wild. Excursions, outdoor trips, and various other forms of entertainment are some of the perks you can expect.

Owning Your Own Horse-Riding School
Many experienced horse riders become entrepreneurs where they take control of the business right from the start. Perhaps, what you will need is space, horses, and maintenance of the equine species. Through partnership with a stable owner, you can do this job yourself and pay a commission to the stable owner, instead of getting employed by him.

For further details on working holiday programs where you can work on a pet job, write to us.