Animal Abuse in Australia

It is difficult for animal lovers to accept the truth about the fate of the animals which are used in races. Racing clubs sometimes work with the animals in an inhuman way.

Working with Animals Meant for Races such as Greyhound Dogs and Horses

In Australia, betting at races is a common affair. Quite common ones are the horse and greyhound races that are held regularly in the country. During races millions of dollars are squandered at the expenses of the animals.

The frenzy is mesmerizing. People visit from all parts of the world to witness the races. However, here lies a cruel fate for many hapless animals which lose their lives in a most heinous manner. The animals are bred, trained, raced, and ultimately retired once they are not able to perform. The lucky ones stay alive but most perish.

Teething Problems for Racing Animals

Many people working with animals that are meant for races treat them cruelly. The greyhounds for instance are bred in large numbers just to be trained harshly and raced inhumanly. When the animals get exhausted, collapse during the race, or injure themselves while racing, they are left to die.

The dogs can run fast when they are just 2 or 3 years old. Soon they lose their sheen and are retired. The ones who retire are no longer wanted by the racing agents. They are summarily neglected and killed. Many perish due to starvation and disease.

In fact, some are exported to countries where they are used as dog meat in various Korean and Chinese cuisine dishes. Some are taken to labs and hospitals where the vets perform experiments on them. Injured are not well looked after.

End to the Misery
The RSPCA has shown its resentment against the cruelty meted out the greyhounds. As a pet lover or an animal care worker, you can do a lot to save the canine species.

  • Do not place bets in these races as betting helps barbaric racing companies to survive.
  • Support regulations for racing animals – these include breeding, training, competition rules, and after retirement life
  • Adopt such animals as pets – only if you can afford. Greyhounds are docile and friendly canine species that are trainable.
  • Help develop animal shelters where the retired dogs can live and wait for being adopted by dog lovers.

The RSPCA is also planning to address the issue with the government. It has plans to:

  • Promote regulations for humane racing conditions
  • Offer races which are not risky for the racing animals
  • Check over-breeding and wastage of animals that are bred just for racing
  • Find an after retirement shelter and provide suitable plan to rehabilitate them.

Many useful adoption and rescue groups are coming up which help the retired greyhounds get a new home. There are some racing agencies which also have their own adoption facility to rehabilitate the retired dogs.

Others in the List
Apart from greyhounds and horses, there are cockfights too which are quite popular in Australia. You should inform the RSPCA if you come across such activities. Often, cockfights precipitate to illegal gambling activities which the government is planning to curb.

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