Free Animal Care

Free Animal Care Australia


Many travellers are experiencing the benefits of free accommodation and various other perks for doing animal care jobs in Australia. A great way to travel in Australia and see this beautiful country is to put your hand up to do jobs such as pet sitting, dog walking, or working with animals in zoos.

As a pet-sitter, you will gain valuable experience as a pet care giver in Australia and as a reward will gain free accommodation for your efforts! All you have to do in a pet sitting job is look after the owners animals and take care of their house, just like a house-sitters in the meantime.

Another great jobs with animals is to become a dog walker.
You can find yourself in various locations in Australia to walk dogs and stay with the owners by doing your pet job!

You can also come to Australia if you have experience doing jobs such as carpentry and help build pet enclosures and animals pens for them while you stay on their property! You can work with animals or look after pets while staying in owner's house.

It all depends on what life experiences you can bring to the place you stay with and then gain further experience by going out there and giving it a go!

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