Become a Vet

Become a Vet

10 Reasons to Become a Vet
Growing up, a vet is a very popular choice amongst children for future careers as animal care providers. It is a great job with animals, especially for those who want to become a doctor as well as help out animals as obviously it combines both industries perfectly into one mould. Here are 10 reasons why it is a fantastic option to take up pet jobs that requires vet, with each reason hopefully going a long way to help you choosing the profession!

1. Friendly Patients: While not every animal you help will be immediately friendly and willing to be poked and prodded, the majority of your patients will be friendly and happy for the assistance. You won't have any rude words spoken to you (unless you have an uncooperative parrot!) and the chances of getting abused only come from the owners of the pets you help! Generally works out very well if you like this when it comes to the creatures you help out.

2. Helping Animals: This is the obvious choice when it comes to being a vet. For the majority of us we love animals, and there is no better way to help animals and provide them with essential pet care services than becoming a vet. A vet is the first point of call when it comes to a sick or injured animal and you will always be needed in crisis of these kinds. It also is a great profession for those who still want to be a doctor and just mix their love of animals together with that passion.

3. You Make a Difference: You really do. No matter what happens during a day, your services provide the help and assistance to animals in need. Without vets in the world then our animals would die at early ages and they are just as important to look after correctly as humans are. You make a difference everyday, be it by giving a simple booster shot or removing a life threatening tumour, your services provide a difference that nobody else can have.

4. Everyday is different: You will see different things on each day of the job and more than likely you will also see different animal's everyday also. While pet dogs and cats will no doubt be common, you have the potential to help out all breeds and species so that will obviously require heavy amounts of research and persistence. This does of course make everyday unique and a fun experience to come to work to everyday.

5. Experiencing new things: In much the same way as everyday will be different; you will experience a wide variety of new things each day while working with animals. From a Siberian cat that has had something unusual lodged in its throat to a curious doberman that has had a bad brush with an echidna, the possibilities are endless. And given that an animal can't directly tell you where it hurts, it's always up to you to find out the source of the problem which can always make things different and rewarding everyday.

6. Your services will always be needed: As long as there are animals in the world, your services will be needed. No matter where you live in life people have animals, or there will be wildlife that lives nearby for you to look after so it's a career in which you will always have work. It also has the potential to be a very long career also, with a young age commencement you can then work very much into your later years if you enjoy it enough to do so. There is also the potential for your services to be called upon during mass crisis such as bushfires or earthquakes, as animals will need as much help as humans do in those situations.

7. Happy Customers: As with number one on this list, you won't always come face to face with patients who are cooperative. However at the end of the day you have helped out an animal in need so no matter what their reactions may be, you still have made them happy to actually be better of whatever it was bothering them.

8. Potential field work: As mentioned in number 6, there is the potential to take your work out in the field to make it a more diverse experience. Whether this comes in the form of a crisis or even if it's just something you wish to experience out of a veterinarian office, you can take your services out of the building and into the wild. You even can take it to places such as a zoo that always require the services of a vet on hand.

9. Loyal Friends: Not only from the animal owners, but the pets as well! Generally if the animals know you are there to help they will constantly be happy at the end of it, and you will get to know the animals over the years in much the same way as a doctor gets to know their patients.

10. It never gets old: As we have learnt already, everyday is different, so every morning you wake up and head to work you know that you can expect something unique and new everyday. There aren't many industries and professions that can claim to have that, so it's always rewarding knowing that it will take a very long time for your profession to become boring and stale. All it takes is a new animal you have never worked with before or a situation you have never experienced before to make things better, and then you will always go home with a smile on your face at the end of the day.

While these are just 10 reasons to be a vet, there are of course numerous others for you to seriously consider on your way to helping out animals. And it's never too late to consider becoming a vet. Why not have a think about it today and look into the options you have in getting the right qualifications to become a veterinarian? It could be a life changing decision that makes you all the happier for the rest of your life!