Dog Rescuer

Dog Rescuer

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Being a dog rescuer is a great idea if you love working with animals and want to help them out in your local community. Generally you will find dog and animal rescuers aren't paid and it is volunteer work, but it's still a great idea for you to get into an industry that helps out on so many different levels. There is potential to go many places within an animal rescue career if you are committed enough to provide pet care therapy to the dogs in distress and you should definitely enquire as to how far you can go. Here are a few steps and tips for you to take in order to reach your goal.
First Step: The first option is to contact your nearest pet shelter and find out if they need any volunteers. Usually you will find they often are in need of as much help as they can find, so a simple phone call could answer all your questions straight away. They will then have the services available to train you in every aspect needed to make you a qualified pet rescuer! They may however start you off a little smaller, but getting you to come to the shelter and do some generic cleaning and maintenance or just some admin work as a pet sitter. This animal care work should never be refused as you will usually find you need to start off small before making it big! They may also ask you to help out with fundraising events they hold as these too are services that always require volunteers to ensure they run smoothly. Events such as hosting a public barbeque or button day right through to a major dinner or ball.
Check out the Wwoof Australia site to know more on voluntary service while working with animals.

Again, you never know where accepting one of these jobs will take you! You may even be asked to foster a pet for kids, such as Siberian cat or Birman cat while it gets on its feet, just talk it over with them and find out what best suits your needs. Eventually as you work with animals further, you may be offered an entry level position or some other pet job, persistence is the key!

Second Step: Contact a local organisation that is non profit such as an animal care charity and help out with them in some variety. Just like the pet shelter this may come down to any variety of positions, from helping out on charity days to helping find them business. It's entirely up to you how you go about it. You should realise a local organisation is usually run by individuals like you who wanted to get into the pet rescue business so you may find they need a lot more help than you can give! Just keep being persistent with them however and talk about what you can bring to their business as well as what you want to achieve and you will never know what they may offer you. It's all work experience in the long run and it may be beneficial to do this as your first step rather than your second as it could bring you experience that would help you in gaining employment at an animal shelter.

Third Step: Once you have gained a large amount of experience in either working in a pet shelter or working with a private organisation dedicated to pet rescuing, why not then consider starting up your own non profit business dedicated to rescuing pets? This has so many benefits for you to consider and can definitely make your new career all the more easily to be a part of. You should always make sure you are properly classified as a non profit organisation for all tax and legal purposes and then you can go about all the serious parts of your business. Eventually you will have a staff yourself and then will no doubt be approached by people like you wanting to get into the industry, so it all works in a full circle in the end!

You are a few simple steps away from becoming a dog rescuer, so why not put down that mouse and pick up the phone and take a few steps to forge a new career and get useful jobs with animals! It will benefit lots of people in the long run and give you a great opportunity to work with animals and enjoy the rest of your working life!