Dog Rescuer – Do’s & Don’ts

Dog Rescuer - Do's & Don'ts


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DO make sure you know a lot about all the different breeds of dog and know how they react in certain situations. You will find that being a dog rescuer you will come across dogs at their worst at times, so you should find out how some dogs will react in situations of peril. If you are equipped with the skills of a dog trainer, you would find the rescuing job easy.

DON'T always assume dogs will be friendly. You will soon know that this is often rarely the case! A dog has the potential to bite and attack, so you should always be prepared for this, especially when rescuing a dog that may think it's in danger and needs to defend itself.

DO provide the rescued dog with care and love on picking it up. An animal care training is a must if you want to pursue this pet job as your career option. If it has been through a serious ordeal it will want to be loved and pampered to calm it down upon being rescued. It will no doubt be scared and unsure of its surroundings so make sure you treat it nicely and give it enough love and care to keep it calm.

DON'T become too attached to the rescued dog! This is easier said than done, but unfortunately you can't keep every single dog you rescue so it's important to try and keep your feelings in check when you do save them. Give them care, give them love and give them cuddles, but never give them your heart.

follow all instructions given to you by your boss in this pet care job. Chances are they have been around the industry for a long time and know exactly how to handle specific situations. So if you are faced with an incident that you are unsure about or think you might know how to handle it without being 100% sure, you should always listen to your superior in that instance.

ever go into a situation thinking you will now everything that will happen as more often than not situations can easily change. You should also never approach a situation thinking it will be ok and that the dog will react safely to you as sometimes the friendliest dog can turn unfriendly in an instant.

DO wear proper safety equipment and ensure all your tetanus boosters are up to date. You may have to take the petrified dog to a veterinarian to calm him. At that point of time, you can be scratched and bitten. You will get bitten at times and you should always make sure you have protective gloves on that can help prevent serious injury as its usual your hands that will bear the brunt of the most attacks. Keeping your eye on the situation will also help.

DON'T ever approach a dog straight away without assessing the situation. A dog is an aggressive animal and will attack if it feels threatened or in danger. Always assume every dog is capable of the worst and then you will be a lot safer in most situations and come out resuces injury free, which of course is better in the long run for both you and the dog.

Remember, there are many pet job benefits which help pet care givers a boost in their career.