Animal Aromatherapy

Pets, especially dogs and horses are often subjected to a therapy with essential oils. The right oil at the correct proportion can heal the pet from its sufferings. In fact, pets generally know the kind of essential oil their body needs for aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy: Pets Love the Treatment on Essential Oils for Helping them get Rid of Diseases and Discomforts

Just like humans, pets too suffer from ailments, parasitic attacks, and certain discomforts. While many pet sitters resort to antibiotics – in case of bacterial attacks – some seek trainer’s help to tame the pet. However, many experts point out that a simple smell of an essential oil can work wonders on your pet.

This therapy is known as aromatherapy that is quick, healing, and hassle-free.
This kind of therapy is ideally suited for horses and dogs – one of the most popular pets in Australia today. Cats however, don’t fancy treatment with essential oils. In fact, some oils have undesired effects on the feline species.

If you have dogs suffering from stomach ailments, arthritis, erratic behaviours, or skin rashes, you can easily go for aromatherapy to cure the animals with their discomforts.

Stomach Ailments
Pets, especially dogs often whine due to stomach pains. They may have weak bladders, colitis, or stomach pains as a result of flatulence. Plant essential oils, such as Cinnamon, Tarragon, and Peppermint help in healing the ailments. However, correct proportion is absolutely essential for cure. Make sure you know the right amount of dilution to get the desired effect.

Not only dogs, but also horses suffer from old age arthritis. Often, leash mismanagement, wrong way of jumping and running can cause arthritis after few years in dogs. Doberman for instance, suffer from a special kind of spondilytis, back and neck pain just because of improper way of sprinting. For horses too, the situation is similar. As they are mostly bred for races, they are prone to get leg aches that leave them crippled for life.

For such leg pains, it is best to take recourse to aromatherapy where fennel, juniper, and lemon essential oils are used to reduce swelling. White camphor is good for reducing inflammation in joints. Marjoram, ginger, and black pepper are used to improve circulation in the leg muscles. For acute arthritis pain, rosemary and lavender is an instant relief.

Flea Problem and Other Allergies
Skin problems, especially those due to fleas and flies are worst discomforts for the dog. The dog suffers so much that it continuously bites and scratches itself. Without any medicines that may have side effects you can cure your loving pet from suffering from allergies. Lavender, Tea Tree, garlic, Eucalyptus are some of the essential oils you can use.

How to Apply
You must also know the right method to apply the essential oils in aromatherapy. For instance, some are meant for taking orally. However, many can be rubbed on the skin. Dogs, especially those which are fluffy will generally get a good relief if they are bathed with the oil. Often, the oil can be kept in a room. As it evaporates, the aroma is filled in the air. The dogs inhale it and get an instance relief.

If you intend to try aromatherapy on your pet, but still not sure where to start, write to our pet care counsellor with details on the problem that your pet is facing.