A job in Australia is a fantastic and rewarding thing especially working with animals. With some of the most unique and diverse animals in the world, you will never get tired of your animal job, and at pet-jobs.com.au we hope to provide you with assistance to find the best possible pet jobs where you can work with animals at home or pet for kids. Some great features and services we provide on this website are:

  • A comprehensive area in which we detail what animal care work and jobs with animals are available to choose from and how you can go about getting them.
  • The best contacts for you to make and gain as you try to further your career to work with animals in Australia. These contacts are extremely useful and should in no way be ignored! At Wwoof Australia you can check out various voluntary works available in Australia.
  • A list of potential employers and job opportunities to help you get started in the animal industry. We will also provide you with advice when it comes to volunteering as well as other possible ways of actually getting real life experience and not just hitting the books to gain your qualifications.
  • Contact forms for potential employers to leave their details for you to see, as well as the opportunity to apply for positions and contact employers directly about them.
  • Regularly updated sections on advice on what to expect in certain pet jobs and the Do’s & Don’ts of various industries. This will become a massive help to you as you seek to get your career really moving in the animal industry as a pet sitter, dog sitter, or a dog walker.

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