Cattle Work Australia

Typical jobs with livestock surviving in cattle ranches in Australia include herding, shearing, counting, branding, rounding up, and cattle driving. There are also immunization shots to be given by experts at regular intervals.

Done with Meticulous Care, Work with Livestock is Fun and Monetarily Rewarding

Livestock business in hundreds of cattle ranches thriving in Australia is a very important preoccupation of the people living in the area. Many people work with animals, tasks related to the welfare of the livestock, or get assigned to jobs related to the welfare of the ranches – or kids living in the ranches.

Livestock trading is an age old universal concept. From Middle East to America and Australia, cattle grazing, poultry, and animal husbandry were typical business preoccupation since ages. However now, depleting farmlands and grazing grounds, and immense poaching have made business in livestock not that easy.

Cattle Grazing and Cattle Drives
One important activity in Australian ranches is grazing. The cattle stations in Australia stretch to thousands of acres where cattle graze and live in one area while people working at the ranches – Jackaroos or ranchers – live in another.

Common chores include herding and rounding up cattle after grazing. Jackaroos use horses or vehicles to round the cattle. Often, the herd can be little aggressive. It depends on the experience and dexterity of the Jackaroos to tackle the herd and bring them back to their sheds at the end of the day.

There are often cattle drives where the livestock is moved from one location to another. Here too, the task is quite similar to herding and rounding up.

Ancillary Work – Protecting and Maintaining
The ranchers also need to keep their herd from attacks against predators. Dingos or foxes are the worst enemy of the cattle. Not only cattle herd, but ducks, geese, and other birds in the ranches must be protected as well.

Care must be taken to ensure that predators don’t hunt during the grazing session or cattle drive. The ranchers use firearms, barbed wires, fences, and other ways to protect their livestock. There are special security guards to help to protect the herd.

Regarding maintaining the herd, there are ranchers or hired workers to help in branding, shearing, and working with ink tattoos.

Medical Treatment of Livestock
The livestock needs to be monitored regarding their health conditions. In case they are reared for wool or leather, they must be groomed accordingly.

There are vets, vet nurses, and vet pathologists also working with these animals to look after their immunization and treatment against diseases.

Vaccines are developed and shots are given to the livestock to ensure diseases don’t wipe out the herd or infect the ranchers.

Working for a Short Time
There are many working holiday makers who want to work for a short time with the animals living in the ranches. Many choose projects related to the welfare of the livestock. You can help in stocking or sorting cattle during counting and shearing. There are short-term jobs required for those who wish to work on jobs related to livestock, say driving, mechanical skills, or carpentry.

So, with such chores available at the ranches, you can dream of enjoying Australia as well as earn good money in the process.