Stop Dog Jumping Up

Stop dog jumping up!
By Toby Jenkins

One of the best jobs I have ever had was going to Australia as a pet sitter. Here I got to stay for free accommodation and see a country I had been dreaming about for many years. One thing though that I found annoyed the hell out of me was when I would get stuck with a dog that would always want to jump up on me!

And I seriously think this would happen to me all the time! I would try everything to stop dog jumping up but it wouldn't work for the best part! The most effective method I found was the 'telling off give a treat' method. And it's as simple as it sounds. As soon as the dog would jump up on you, you would tell it off and then when it obeyed you, you would give it a treat! Dog trainers must be patient yet firm nevertheless.

Really that simple! The only thing is though that you had to remain extremely consistent with the level of training you provided. It was pretty easy for the dog to forget about what it had been taught so you needed to do it on a consistent level to work with animals who are yet to be tamed. Once you get it used to it though, you can live a happier and freer lifestyle!