How to Stop a Dog from Jumping Up

ané 2007 (24)

Silly damn dog won't stop jumping up on me!
By Rudolf Gierot

Have you ever uttered these words and wondered how to stop a dog from jumping up on you? It's frustrating right? Becoming a dog walker can be quite a pesky job at times. However, to become a dog walker successfully, you must be patient and intuitive.All you want to do sometimes is come home to relax after a hard day at work, only to have your dog jump up all over you and annoy you while you do it! You need to find an answer! Well as I have been to many places showing off my craft, I know a little bit about it!Recently my travels took me to Australia, where for free accommodation I could show off my dog training skills. I had a lovely girl Labrador who just loved to jump up. Well firstly I would make sure she knew I was in charge so I would growl at her in a tone she would understand. All dog walkers must first show their dominance while dealing with dogs.After I had gained her trust in showing who was in control, I would then distract her with a toy of some sort. It was a good idea too to take her for a long walk, as this would tire her out when she got home. This would mean when her owners got home, she was too tired to do it!Eventually she wouldn't do it anymore, so that's one way of learning how to stop a dog from jumping up! Similar technique can be followed to stop dog pulling leash. In a dog walker job, you may encounter various types of dogs and different behavioral traits.

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