Dog Walking Jobs

Stop Barking at the dog at the fence!
By Lando Hammill

One time I was in Australia with a dog walking job and found a difficult little pooch to control! Everytime I would take him for a walk I would find him barking at other dogs that were at fences and becoming quite embarrassed at the situation! I needed to stop this. During this pet job, I was given extra compensation for working as a dog trainer.

I essentially had to make myself in control of the situation with the dog and always realise I was the leader and that the dog itself should never take control. When we would go past another property where a dog was there I would have to keep the dog I was walking on a very short leash and growl at him for barking at the other dog.

If he continued I would stand still and not move until the dog would calm down and stop barking. This could take some time but I would have to make sure he was calm. When he was, I would reward him with a doggy treat that I brought with me. This can be a hard thing to do and I would always be taking him for numerous walks daily so you can see how hard it was!

However when I eventually trained the dog enough, the owners were very happy with my job as a pet sitter when they returned home to see a calmer dog that wouldn't always bark at other dogs! It was a great time too as there were many pet job benefits. I received good reference and also received free accommodation for doing the dog walking jobs in Australia!