Stop A Dog from Jumping Up

How to stop a dog from jumping up
By Fergie Dundas

I had been everywhere around the world and a chance encounter lead me to Australia, with free accommodation to boot! I had learnt some fantastic ways to stop a dog from jumping up and it was up to me to show them off to some other people. My main method involved understanding why the dog would be jumping up in the first place.

To me it was because a dog was bored, and wasn't getting enough attention during the day. This would cause the dog to become overly excited when it's owner came home, so I needed to solve this issue. During the day when the dog's owner was at work I would spend as much time with her as I could. I would take her for long walks, play with her in the backyard or even just give her a nice gentle groom.

She seemed to like this and it was a good distraction. When her owners came home, she was still excited but we managed to limit the jumping up which worked out well. This is just one of many methods you can try, but give it a go to see if it will work for you.

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