Getting the sick bird to a vet fast!
By Pippa MacGee

On a recent job in Australia doing a pet job I had to look after several birds. The great thing about my experience was that I got free accommodation and free food for all my efforts so I was very happy for that. With the birds we were looking after though we did have one who was sick one time.

It wasn’t going to be easy to transport the bird to the vet. He was a sulphur crested cockatoo and we had to be very careful as he was very distressed with his injury. Providing animal care to this bird was tough. The first part we had to do was to get a towel and place it over his head. This was going to be the most difficult aspect of it so it took around 3 of us to get this started.

Once we had it over his head we had to grab him and hold him tightly so that we wouldn’t injure or hurt himself or us. We then had a dog cage on hand lined with newspaper to make sure we had something to transport him in. We then placed him in there, with only a few scratches to our arms! It was a quick trip down the road to the bird vet and that was that! Always a fun experience transporting animals you aren’t used too and you need to always learn how to do it!

I would also recommend giving it a go for yourself and going to Australia doing pet care jobs!