Working Safely with Animals.

Irrespective of the nature of such jobs all care providers are surely going to find themselves in contact with all sorts of animals.

Animals are cute and we like holding and caring for them however we should be careful when dealing with them since they can be harmful in one way or the other.

Always respect animals and never provoke them since they may end up hurting you, they also carry with them Bacteria and germs from their fur since they are always playing in the dirt.

When you are working with animals of any kind make sure you have protective gear or you have consulted a vet doctor.

Remember to always wash your hands clean with soap every time you work with animals or pet.

There are several diseases that can be transferred from pets to Humans and these are called Zoonotic diseases. These are not harmful and only cause infections or colds, however always check with a vet doctor
in-case of any signs or symptoms resulting from interaction with pets.

There are viruses such as the Hendra virus that can be fatal if not given doctors attention. This virus is mainly common among Horses.

Another virus that can be harmful is Q Fever found in cows, sheep, goats cats and dogs. Hygiene is important when you are living with pets, working on various pet jobs, such as a pet-sitter, dog-sitter, dog-walker, or groomer since you could pick up bacteria eg Toxoplasma found mainly in cat feaces.

If you are performing any form of jobs with animals that include surgical or manipulation procedure you need to ensure that you are wearing the right clothes and are in a clean place.  Make sure your pets are clean and always avoid direct contact with animal fluids such as urine, feaces etc. Don’t forget to keep yourself well protected against diseases. The information above should be bale to keep you safe as you have fun with your animals.