Dog Walkers Job

Walking the dog is easy when you are a backpacker!
By Sebastian Chalmers
I had always wanted to try my hand at getting some work when I was backpacking across Australia. It intrigued me to see how working in another country would be different than working back in Germany. I spent about 18 months backpacking under tourism Australia a few years ago and did a job that I actually did for no money, but found it to be the best job I experienced. The job itself was that of a dog walker when I was in Brisbane, and it was fairly easy work that I found myself enjoying a lot!

What did I get out of it if I wasn't getting paid? Well I actually got the chance to get free accommodation which as you can imagine being a backpacker certainly does help out a great deal! The couple who I stayed with had a big Rottweiler dog, and I actually had a very similar dog back at home so I knew how to deal with the dog very well! The dog though was quite aggressive and wouldn't really listen to too much when you tried to tell him things. So it was a little bit of a challenge in order to really get things off the ground with him.

I had done a few courses back home in dog training that helped me out a little. Taking the Rottweiler for a walk twice a day helped and calmed it down. A 2 hour walk at night and a 2 hour walk in the morning seemed to help the dog quite a bit! Another thing that helped was taking the dog to an obedience instructor during the times that the couple would let me. This would only happen about 2 times a week but really it was fantastic and I enjoyed getting to spend time with some more Australians. By the time that my stay was coming to an end, the dog had really changed it's attitude towards me and the couple which was fantastic for them and they were so very happy about that.

With a combined help of the instructor and myself, we stopped the dog pulling leash while dog walking. I also learned how to stop the dog from jumping up. Out of all the jobs I did when I was in Australia becoming a dog walker is the most memorable to me. Why? Well because I love dogs and it game me a chance to do something a little bit different, rather than just serving customers or carrying things around a farm!

I would recommend doing dog walker jobs to people who are going to Australia and looking for work, because it is an amazing experience in itself and one that you won't forget! Try and get free accommodation out of it if you can!

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