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Stopping that damn dog from barking all the time!
By Quentin Rodgers

During my time doing a pet care job it was important for me to ensure that I made as much care with the animals as possible! One such pet job I got in Australia was fantastic as I got free accommodation for doing it! There was an issue though as the dogs I looked after constantly barked and the neighbours even complained about it! It was time for me to find a solution! Just like any dog trainer, I would first make sure I took the dogs for walks, as I thought they might be bored! The dog walking job seemed to help slightly but they would still bark at certain times.

There would be other times where I would then play with them instead, and this also helped the problem. Ignoring the barking sometimes would work, although this of course wouldn’t make the neighbours too happy! I would soon find myself having to take the dogs to the vet to see if there were any issues. The vet was very helpful and cleared the pooches of all medical issues, and suggested I took them for longer walks.

I did this more constantly and soon found to my surprise the dogs would stop barking! It appeared as though the dogs were just bored! It can sometimes take a lot of effort to try and find the problem with dogs and their barking, but it’s better to try and find the solution before it’s too late! You don’t want angry neighbours all the time! I enjoyed by dog sitter's job thoroughly. I am sure you would too!. You can check the site for more information on pet jobs.

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