Carpentry Jobs Australia

So many carpentry jobs to experience on the other side of the world!
By Timothy Hilton

I had always wondered what it would be like to do some carpentry work on the other side of the world and then it really amazed me the amount of jobs that were available with carpentry jobs Australia.

There were lots of different options open to me that would offer free accommodation for my efforts and usually all it would take would be a bit of general care around the home added with some animal care, and then obviously building some things. The eventual job that I took was in Brisbane and involved doing a lot of carpentry work in building some bird enclosures. I had no experience in building aviaries before so it sounded like a very interesting job. And before I knew it, I was on a plane to Hobart to experience it first hand.

The man and woman that offered me a chance to stay in their home were the Steele’s, and they set up a nice room for me to sleep in with everything I needed.

The man then took me out the back to the shed and showed me what he did, and it was a pretty amazing setup! For such a small shed he had made the most out of it, and the boats in which he made were amazing! They were only little dinghy’s but the amount of detail that he crafted into each one was simply stunning.

He had recently had a few heart problems and that is why he needed some help around the shed, and I was all too happy to lend a hand. I would often start by sanding off wood and making sure it was completely flat and perfect to be able to be bent. We would then shape it so it would go in a nice rounded shape for the boats and we then had to seal them off so that we knew no water would get between where the wood was joined. Then after letting it stand for a while, we would polish it with a nice coat of varnish to make it look amazing. We would even offer different colours so that some people had some very unique boats!

As I mentioned before I would also have to do some other task around the home. It was a pet job that required looking after the pets. As a pet sitter, I had to wipe down benches after meals or make sure the pets were fed and always looked after.

A part of my pet sitter’s job included a dog sitter’s job and dog walking job as well. I would happily take their dogs for a walk and always make sure the dog was groomed and properly cut when its hair grew a little too long. It was also important to them that their garden was maintained, and I would happily do that for them as well when there times that they couldn’t do it themselves. It was all apart of my service.

The time I spent with the Steele’s was great and I really enjoyed the chance to help build some aviaries and very spectacular looking boats. I was lucky enough to be taken out on one and it was a beautiful experience that I hope to do again one day. So if you are a carpenter then give yourself the chance to work for carpentry jobs Australia!

There are many pet job benefits. I got a free accommodation due to a pet care job. I got good work experience as well in the bargain.