Carpentry in Australia

Carpentry in Australia is really the way to go if you want to have a great time!
By Heidi Flieglnester

As a carpenter, you can imagine that I always have my services in demand by many people in different places. One thing though that I was unaware of was that my services could actually be in demand in other countries! A good friend of mine experienced this when they were on holiday in America. They found a place in Utah that needed assistance and he helped out there for 6 months and never even had to pay for his accommodation! This excited me, so I did some sincere job search in Australia and my research soon took me to some carpentry in Australia! The jobs in Australia had various types of requirements. It involved staying on a property for a few months, acting as a house-sitter, and helping out with some general household jobs, as well as looking after animals or working with animals. Some were unique pet jobs that wanted animal care services, such as feeding and cleaning. This didn’t sound too bad to me, so I put my name down for the position and found myself on a property in Canberra, Australia!

The place I stayed at on my one of my jobs with animals in Australia was amazing! It had so much land and so many animals! I had to perform pet care services to the pets at a farm. My first job every morning was to get up at the crack of dawn to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. I would then take these eggs and make scrambled eggs for breakfast each morning to which the people who owned the house really appreciated. I would also have to work as a dog-sitter. Apart from regular grooming and playing, I had to make sure I took both their Doberman dogs for a nice long dog walking session around the block and then return in time to get started on the daily carpentry jobs. And let me tell you now, I’m not kidding when I saw there were a lot! They had actually just suffered a fire though a lot of their buildings and it destroyed a lot of their animal enclosures and fences. It had even tragically killed a lot of their animals so they really were beginning to rebuild. It was important to get the fence up first so we got plenty of wood and began to create their new fence. I thought the way they were designing it was wrong, so after a few suggestions they took them on board and they soon found my way to be a lot better! The fence itself took a good month to build and it was very strong and sturdy and even fire resistant in some places with the amount of metal we used instead of wood! It was looking quite good indeed!

Then came the task of rebuilding some of the animal enclosures. The owners pride and joy were their rabbits, and they had one of the best rabbit enclosures that you have ever seen. Unfortunately all that remained was the shell of the enclosure, but this still gave us enough to work with so that we could build it exactly the same. It was probably up until that time the hardest thing I had ever built, as it had so many internal areas in different shapes! I thought it would be impossible to complete! But as soon as we managed to get through the hardest bits it was an amazing thing to see finished! The amount of effort we had put into the project and to finally see it come together actually brought a slight tear to my eye. I think that it was just an incredible end to my time there as I had been doing several other jobs for pets at the same time around the property. They were extremely grateful for all the work and effort I had put in. I had gathered a strong work experience and I was just very happy to have them get their enclosures back and in working order.

It’s an idea to always expand your working horizons so if you find yourself getting bored with doing carpentry jobs in your local area then look online to see what positions, such as suitable carpentry jobs along with animal jobs or jobs of a house sitter you can find in other countries! It’s not just Australia that has them, but I would recommend travelers to travel to Australia, work and earn a living as the country is simply beautiful and will always make you smile at every possible moment!

Some students studying in Australia also study travel and work in Australia to fund their studies. Apart from Australia, you can also try useful New Zealand jobs. From pet jobs to various specialized tasks to work with animals, you can get valuable experience, money, and feat.

Go out there and experience it for yourself and have the time of your life! You might even leave with building something as amazing as I did!