Sharing a pet sitting job with someone just like me!
By Adrian Carlos

I spent a while looking for the right job for me and I soon found it when I discovered the job of a pet sitter. I did a lot of animal jobs as a pet sitter around my town and soon found myself jet setting around the world with it. One such occasion I found myself travelling to Sydney in Australia where I would help out with a Doberman breeder. The thing is, this breeder had a very big place and wanted two pet care givers to come and help them out. It was funny because the dog sitters who was staying with them at the same time was from the same website, so we both knew exactly what to expect with our pet sitting job.

One time the owner had to go away for a weekend so it was up to me and the other dog sitter to perform dog-sitting duties as well as work as a house-sitter. He too had done a few pet jobs like this so was experienced as well in doing all the things that I knew. We were able to work out a routine together so that we knew who would be doing what jobs and at what times. He would wake up early one morning for working with the dogs and make sure they were fed and cleaned. On the same morning I would wake up about an hour later and take two of them for their dog walking exercise. As they had four Dobermans we would ensure that the other two were walked at a separate time. We would become avid dog walkers every alternate day so that he would start early one morning then I would start early the next, so it remained fair to both of us. It was also good to get into a routine so we always knew what to do each day.

One time though one of the dogs seemed a little funny. In fact they were sick. We weren’t too sure what to do as neither of us had experienced for working with dogs which were sick. So, we gathered a good dog sitting work experience. We made sure the dog received plenty of water and we closely monitored it. However it was soon clear it was getting worse so we had to do something more. We found the number of the vet the owner had left for us and we took the dog there straight away. The vet was a little concerned about its health and said it would have to stay overnight for observation. We straight away rang up the owner and explained the situation, and the owner wasn’t too happy. He soon returned from his trip away to come back to the vet to deal with it in person. It soon found out that the Doberman would be fine the next day as he just needed some medicine and rest. It was a big relief to find this out. We were very happy!

Despite the little incident with the dog being sick, we soon found ourselves leaving the place with a glowing recommendation. The owner said sorry for getting a bit angry with us and said it wasn’t our fault. I managed to make a good friend out of the other dog sitter and we soon found ourselves doing a few other dog walking jobs together too which was fun. We didn’t realise that doing pet jobs like dog sitting with two people was easier with more than one person! So it’s a great way to travel to Australia, so if you find yourself wanting a new career, become a dog sitter!

Many students study in Australia and also apply for such jobs in Australia. There are TAFE Australia certification on animal care which add a fillip to one’s career as well.