Working Clothes

Working Clothes

Working Clothes for Animals
By Ben Waterworth

As with any place of business it is essential to use specific types of clothes when working with animals. You should never wear clothes that you would wear everyday as the bacteria and germs you may pick up from your place of business are easily transferred back in your place of residence.

Other such potential outcomes exist from giving diseases to your own household pets and other members of your family. You should invest in a specific set of clothes which you will wear to your workplace daily and leave them behind each day when you have finished, ensuring they are washed thoroughly after every use. It is probably a good idea to invest in more than one set of work clothes so that if you do not have a nearby washing facility you can readily bring them each day and take them to a place at your own convenience to wash them. This should also be the case with your shoes.

A specific pair of shoes should be worn at work only and cleaned regularly, especially if you will step in faecal matter or other excrement from the animals you work with. If this isn't possible and you have to wear a certain uniform to work, you should still leave the uniform behind at the end of every shift and bring other clothes to change into at the end of the day.

You should even look into getting more than one uniform so that you have a few available should anything happen during the day.

Other items that are recommended include safety goggles to protect your eyes, gloves in handling the animals as well as full body suits if you are working around diseased animals.

By following a few of these steps you can go a long way in health and safety prevention when working around animals.