Do’s & Don’ts of Getting an Animal Job

DO keep your mind open and explore all possible options when it comes to working with animals! There is a job out there for you with animals and it may just take a little bit of looking around until you find the right one! Be it with one specific type of animal or several types, you should always keep your eyes open for something that tickles your fancy. Don’t discount every job you think of due to reasons in which you find negative, write down the potential positives so that it may just change your mind! You never know when you might find your ideal job with animals!

be focussed purely on one type of animal. Some of the best jobs out there for you involve working with all types of animals from domestic animals through to wild animals! You can even take your profession out into the wild in your local area and work with animals such as kangaroos and koalas and really feel incredibly Australian! It’s a great idea to always remain open and also think outside the square! How about a zookeeper or even a vet? That way you get to see all different animals every day and it will make your days go by incredibly fast and have a different taste and flavour every time you wake up in the morning!

DO your research and keep studying and then you will be extremely prepared! You should also volunteer and work with as many different types of animal as you possibly can to expand your CV with lots of experience! Don’t always discount this down to paid work, because if you do loads of volunteer work with animals such as working in a pet shelter or even cleaning up cages in your local veterinarian office, they too will look fantastic on your resume when it comes to applying for a job with animals. Even by owning several types of animals and gaining experience with all species and breeds will enhance your experience further and give you a leg up when it comes to getting your career started in working with animals.

DON’T assume that they will only give jobs to people with very detailed resumes with loads of qualifications. There are plenty of jobs in the world to work with animals in which you need no formal qualifications at all and simply need to have some prior experience in working with lots of different types of animals, hence why we have mentioned you should get lots of experience working with all types of animals! Of course you can make your chances a lot stronger by gaining formal qualifications but it’s not always a prerequisite for some jobs. You should always look into what career path you want to take and what you need to do in order to reach your goal in order to reach it successfully so that you can make a happy career in working with animals for a long time!