Stop Dog from Jumping Up

You can stop dog from jumping up!
By Holly Duence

I had a very good learning experience recently. I had taken a job in Australia doing a pet sitting job, although I actually wouldn’t get paid for it and I would only get free accommodation. It still worked out quite well though! The learning experience I had was learning to stop dog from jumping up, as there were a few dogs at this property that just loved to climb up all over you and get super excited.

The best way I found to deal with this was to growl at them when they did it. I wasn’t a very angry person and I found it quite hard at first, but when I did the dogs would listen so it was quite good in the end. I had to reward them though, as it was hard for me to yell at a dog and then not praise if for being good.

I would often find myself walking around the property with my pockets filled with doggy biscuits as their reward! It did take a bit of patience and practice but after a while it paid off and I had dogs that were quite happy yet wouldn’t ruin it by jumping up on me all the time!