Daily routine of Kittens
Every morning when I take small steps to rush to my car, waiting downstairs to pick me up for the radio station, I spare a couple of moments to not to miss out on the sight of those two cute little pet kittens in my apartment. Their adorable faces and naughty playful pranks with their birman cat mother, take me back to my childhood and makes me realize the innocence and love that was offered at that tender age by everyone. Once you grow up, you are completely on your own. I think you are meant to be that way.

So yeah, these cute darlings try to sneak out when they see me and start running here and there, although I know somewhere at the back of their mind they like the attention and want me to stay with them longer. 🙂 So I move to my destination, thinking about them on and off and if I get a chance, I tell my listeners about them. For some reason I feel close to them since I have seen them getting bigger and healthier in front of me. Even if I am not around them, I would get the update that they are doing okay. My maa basically acts as a pet-sitter, performing her pet care duties as she places bowl of milk outside our gate so that they could come anytime and have that. Our next door neighbor completely disliked the idea and she started creating such situations so that the kids would run away and won’t come back to the same place. This really made me unhappy and without considering whatever the neighbor wali aunty was doing, we managed to keep the kittens on our floor, in front of our eyes all the time :).

This small act of ours not only surprised the same aunty but the other flats in vicinity too, supported the cause of such duties, such as feeding the cat and the kittens on daily basis. The whole day, they sleep, they cuddle, they sleep again, they eat, they sleep again and they wake up in late hours of night to look around whats going on. When I come back home from work, they sit by the gate to give me a warm welcome and make me smile no matter how tired I am. Its just that unknown connection that we share. My one gesture makes them happy and their not-so-long-lasting fights and sleeping styles, helps me in making myself feel better. Feel better about the world around me. Feel better about the co-operation that my neighbors had offered. Feel better about the love that these kittens are trying to spread.
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