Pet Sitters Testimonial

Stop barking at the cat!
By Greg Gregson

Job of pet sitters is never easy and sometimes it’s up to people like us to train animals so they behave socially and become adorable pets! One time I had to travel to Australia. I was on a pet job that required a pet sitter. In lieu of my services, I got free accommodation for my efforts! In this particular job with animals, I had to work with animals that were living as pet at a home. The animals were a Doberman and a Siberian cat. Although adorable, the dog would always bark at the cat and never stop! It was very annoying!

I had to find a way to stop this! I made sure I bought plenty of doggy treats for the dog so that I could reward him when he did the right thing. As soon as the dog would bark I would distract him with a doggy treat and call him to me. When he did this I would praise him and then give him another one. As soon as he barked I would have to ensure though he didn’t think he was being rewarded for barking!
I would have to growl at him in a calm manner and always show my body language was a way that wasn’t too aggressive yet not too passive either. After a few attempts it this I soon managed to get the dog to not bark as much, and eventually by the end of my stay he had seemed to almost stop completely. You could tell the owners were very happy, as was I!
It is important to train dogs while dog sitting or dog walking. Through affectionate pet care, one can win confidence of the dog. My training effort won me an invaluable work experience as a trainer cum dog sitter.

I soon got another opportunity for working with dogs staying at a home in Brisbane, Australia. The owners were in Brisbane with kids who were just in primary school. As they were expecting triplets that summer, they wanted their puppy to get trained and mellow down so that the little ones would not get affected by the noise created by the pet dog.

Although the pup would bark and chew home stuff, I soon found ways to groom it to perfection through friendly animal care treatment and grooming techniques. So, before the babies arrived, the pup was toilet trained and sociable pet for kids at the house.