How to Stop A Dog from Jumping Up

You should learn how to stop a dog from jumping up
By Allen Harper

I think it’s a great skill to have to be able to teach a dog something. I recently learnt how to stop a dog from jumping up on me! You see I had gone to Australia as a dog sitter and found a fantastic home to stay in for free accommodation.

They had several dogs at this property, all of which loved to jump up and down all the time and give you a tough time when you walked out in the backyard. I would soon discover though that these dogs were bored, and they needed to get out of the house! Each day I would take it on board to give these dogs’ three walks each, and that way they would soon become quite tired and want to sleep for the rest of the day!

This would then mean no jumping up on the owners when they got home or no jumping up on other guests when they arrived! It was a great achievement and something that I felt really proud to have had actually achieved! Try it out when your dogs jump up on you and hopefully you will have the same result!