House Sitting in Australia

House Sitting in Australia


House-sitting in Australia and coming across some snakes!
By Lisa Jomendico

It had always been a dream of mine to go to Australia and when I found out I could go there and do some house-sitting in Australia and get free accommodation, I was very keen! I found out all the information I had too and found a place in Tasmania that would let me stay in the house for a month while the owners went away. I was very much looking forward to the experience and really getting to stay in an Australian home and meet Australian people! It was also a great chance for me to actually see some parts of Australia that I had never really heard of and go to places that I probably never would have seen in my life.

The place I was to say at was in the bush a little bit and the owners told me just before I went away that I should keep an eye out for snakes as they sometimes were in the area. I didn't really take too much notice of this as the owners then told me about all the tasks I would have to do. Some of them I was familiar with like doing the household cleaning and making sure that the garden had plenty of water. I would also have to feed their guinea pigs and they also had a horse that was fairly independent but I would still have to feed. This was a great chance for me to then have a house to myself and relax.

One time I went out in the bush and for a nice walk through the forest and saw some amazing things along the way. I took with me a big stick in case I did see a snake as I thought this would protect me. I went for a walk for several hours and I didn't see any snakes but I did see a few kangaroos and even a wombat so I was quite happy that I had actually seen these! It was when I returned to the house that I did get to see a snake and in the last place I ever thought I would! I went back inside and into the kitchen and there was a snake right in the middle of the floor! Well me being a panicker I soon ran out of the kitchen and just watched the snake. I shouldn't have done that though because it seemed to cause the snake to move even faster around the place as I think I scared it! I jumped up on the couch so that the snake couldn't get me and reached out my phone. I had to do a quick search on the internet and it told me not to panic. Well it was too late for that wasn't it! I soon then found another number for a snake controller who would come out and remove the snake, so I had to wait for them to arrive and they soon came and took the snake away. It was quite a frightening experience for me!

I told the owners about it when they arrived home and they had a good laugh. They told me that sometimes a snake would sneak into their home and there wasn't a lot they could do about it, but they said it was funny that I jumped up on the couch! Besides that scary experience though everything else was great, and I think it's a good thing for you to do the same! Don't be scared about the snakes, and come experience Australia for yourself!