Holidaying with pets

Pets are regarded as beloved family members and will occasionally join us on our holidays. Other pets are less keen on leaving their creature comforts, and stay behind to eagerly await our return.

Here is what you can do to keep your pet happy and comfortable during holidays. 

You can hire a pet-sitter cum house-sitter who would provide efficient pet care service while you are on a holiday.

Many pet jobs include animal care service, play and work with animals at your home, and clean the items used by the pet. If you are hiring a dog-sitter ensure that the care giver performs dog-walking service at regular intervals throughout the day.

Contact information

Are your pet’s microchip and council registration up to date? This is vital, whether your pets travel with you or stay at home. If you are staying at Brisbane for instance, ensure you provide your pet-sitter Brisbane necessary information to tackle any emergency situation. 

Leaving your pets with friends or family is another good option. If one of your friends or family members is kind enough to take on the responsibility of caring for your pet, provide them with the details of your pet’s needs. Working with pets includes a series of animal jobs, such as animal’s feeding, exercise and medical routines. Also, make sure your pet’s carer has contact details for the animal’s vet in case of emergency. If you are holidaying during the New Year period, ensure that your cat is well-looked after if they suffer from anxiety due to loud noises. Fireworks are a source of distress for many animals.

Mobile ‘pet-sitting’ services

As a part of the pet-care tasks, your pet-sitters will visit your home and look after your animals, performing daily tasks of feeding, refreshing water bowls and cleaning out cages or litter trays. Remember to provide a pet-caregiver, such as a dog walker with all your pet’s needs, including medication, treats and toys and of course, emergency contact details.

Pet-sitters are excellent for short-term care, yet social animals may require more affection, attention and care than what a traditional pet-sitting services can provide within short visits.

Catteries and boarding kennels

Are your pets fully vaccinated?

Many animal-boarding facilities will only accept pets if they are up to date with their medications. Take some time to research the best boarding option for your pet. You may even wish to inspect the facility before booking in your pet for their “holiday”. These facilities can get busy, so book ahead. A major benefit of animal shelters is the social contact provided for your pet. If your pet is travelling with you, ensure you all arrive safely and happily. Follow these tips for a trouble-free trip.

  • Book pet-friendly accommodation.
  • Ensure that your animal’s identification tags, showing contact details, are current.
  • Pack a first aid kit for your animal.
  • At your pre-holiday visit to the vet, check whether your destination has any pest or health concerns you need to be aware of for your pet.
  • On the Road
  • Animals should be contained, such as in carrier-capsules for cats and a crate or harness for dogs.
  • Regular breaks as just as important for animals as they are for the driver! Pets will need to eat, have exercise and relieve themselves.
  • Ensure your pets have fresh air during the trip.
  • To prevent car accidents, pets should never travel in the driver’s lap or on the front passenger seat.

On Arrival

  • If your pet shows signs of anxiety, reassure them in their new surroundings. Show them affection, or play a game.
  • Ensure your pet is secure and supervised at all times.
  • Use gates and fences provided at your holiday destination to keep your pet secure.
  • Do not leave your pet alone in a strange environment or with unknown people.