A local couple strolling embraced, in the company of a couple of dogs, by the beach in La Pared, Margarita Island.

Doing a dog walker job and getting yourself fit and healthy at the same time

There are a wide variety of pet jobs around for you that can help you lose weight and get fit. You can also include working with animals with this as well! Dog walker jobs exist for you to combine both of these. And it’s fairly easy too! All you need is a passion to make some extra money and get fit and a love for working with dogs!

You can start any form of business in essentially any area as well. Start by getting yourself some flyers printed and posting them around the local area. You can start simple by saying a number to call and hours you work as a dog walker. Once you have done this you can just wait for the phone to ring!

The best part about doing a dog walker job is that you will set your own hours and own rate! Make sure though that you don’t start out too high as you may not attract any clients at all. You can then look at doing other pet care tasks such as dog washing and dog sitting. Get out and travel to Australia and give it a go and find a great new pet job for you to be involved in!