Dog Training Job Gold Coast

Getting the dog to come to you when it is called
By Nathan Ulcer

One thing I loved about my Dog Training Job at the Gold Coast was the fact that I got to go around the world and see countries I never thought I would! I recently did an animal job in Australia and got free accommodation. It was amazing! I would have to look after a dog that seemed to have some issues when it came to calling it and coming to you. It would never respond to you and it was always hard to get it back during a long walk at a place like the beach.

There were a few things that I thought I would try. Firstly I would start off small. I went in the backyard with some doggy treats and casually called the dog short distances. I would then reward the dog with some treats to which the dog would soon respond to quite well. After a few goes of this I would try further distances, to see if I could get the dog to come further.

I would always associate my calling with its name so it could become familiar with it. This was essential as when I tried it on further distances, I would have to try it without the treats. After a few goes it eventually worked and I found myself with a dog that would respond to being called! It was a fantastic achievement and one that I was extremely proud of! Get yourself an animal job now!

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