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By Hunter Ash

Have you ever taken the time to really think about taking your work to another country? I did one time and it turned out to be the best experience of my life! I had been a carpenter for around 15 years and I soon met a guy who had spent 6 months working abroad with his trade. This intrigued me as I had actually never been overseas before so I thought I would look into it further and see what was available. During my job search in Australia I soon found some work to do some carpentry work and gain some work experience in Australia so I applied to try my luck and before you knew it I had been accepted! I was very excited and couldn’t wait for my opportunity to start! I would be dong some jobs with animals on a farm just outside Darwin in building many different things for the people, and it sounded like the opportunity of a lifetime!
The people were very nice and they had even done up their shed to look like a hotel for me to stay in! I was very honoured and humbled that they had gone to so much trouble just to make me feel welcome, and it really did feel like my very own personal hotel room! They would then sit me down and take me through a booklet that they had put together that showed me exactly what I would have to do. You see I wasn’t actually getting paid money for this job. My reward was that I was staying for free and eating for free, and they would even help me to travel to Australia and its important spots. I was very excited about this either way! A lot of the tasks I would have to do didn’t always involve doing carpentry work. I would also have to work with animals on the farm, perform pet care duties, cook and clean. I would also have to get up early and help out with the pet farm animals, such as feeding the chickens and even milking the cows. I had never worked as a pet-sitter in the farm so you could tell I was actually a little bit excited! I would soon get into a routine though with it, so it all worked all for the best as things moved along! But of course I was there to do carpentry work, so that’s where the instructions began to increase!
The main job they wanted help with was the construction of a new chicken coop. Their previous coop had been built about 30 years earlier and it was time to upgrade to something more modern. They wanted the coop in exactly the same area and essentially wanted it renovated, but they needed to do so without removing all the chickens that were in there! We pretty much would have to work in one area at a time and force the chickens to stay in selected areas by building temporary walls and houses for them to not move out of. It was a gradual process but soon we ended up getting one main wall done, then another, then another and then we had all four done. We stopped using really old wood and made sure we used some extremely strong modern stuff which looked a treat! After we had successfully done that there were a lot of other smaller jobs around the farm which I helped out with. I helped build a new gate, a new feeding trough for the horses and even built a new spice rack for the kitchen! They would always seem to find me a new job, and I always appreciated it!
I think by the time my 6 months were up I had built many things, and I was very sad that my time had to end! The family were extremely grateful for everything that I had done and they bought me a fantastic souvenir of a statue of Uluru! I was very happy to have that back on my desk when I returned home! Definitely do something like this if you ever get the chance as you won’t ever regret it, and you will experience so many new things at the same time! I later moved on to Queensland, Australia on a suitable animal care cum carpentry job.
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