Carpenter Job Australia

Carpenter Job Australia

Carpenter Job Australia Experience Time!
By John Smithton
I had been a carpenter for many years and I never thought in a million years that my work could actually take me to another country! Well it soon did as I found out some people were looking for a carpenter to help them build animal enclosures in Australia! Well I jumped at this opportunity and applied for such jobs in Australia straight away, and had to travel to Australia. I reached all the way to Melbourne, Australia! It was a great experience as I took one of the comfy flights to Australia's plush city there and I was really looking forward to the rest of the trip! The family picked me up from the airport, and then my journey would start!

As well as doing the carpentry work I would also have to help around the property and provide pet care services to the animals, but this didn't bother me one bit as I actually was extremely fond of animals! They had many to look after so it was always up to me to be up early and prepared for work each day at 7am. Amongst the animals, were some pet dogs, some Birman cats and Siberian cats, some pigs and even a few horses which made things even more interesting! They also showed me some other general household cleaning jobs that I would need to do which I wasn't too upset about and just took it on board as part of my job -- ideally those allocated to house sitters.

The main job that I had to do obviously though was the carpentry work, and this was something that I was very much prepared for! They told me they were planning on getting some new animals such as pigs and donkeys so it was up to me to design some suitable pens and housings for them. I would sit up late at night drawing up all sorts of plans, and they were soon very happy with what I created! I would then go to the hardware store with them to pick up the materials and find myself telling them all the extra items they needed.

We eventually had all the wood and materials ready to go but it was very wet and rainy when we first decided to start building. Luckily they had a fairly large shed that we could do some preparation work in, so we would take the wood in there and cut it to size and place it in some form of order when it came to certain enclosures. We got started on the pig enclosure first as we could pretty much assemble this completely inside before taking it out to where it would need to go. It required several endplates as well as plenty of wire netting, and I had even made a little area for them to sleep in complete with pillows!

The rain soon stopped and then we could help put together the donkey enclosure which was a little more difficult but we soon got the hang of it after getting the major parts of it together. Knowing how a donkey works and how it would react to the enclosure was a different matter though, and we had to factor into so many unknowns when it came to this! It took us a good 4 months to have everything complete, and also working as house sitter cum pet sitter, it certainly was a very tiring time!

I was there still when the owners bought the pigs and the donkeys and it was funny to see them interact in their enclosures! The pigs absolutely loved their enclosure and the area with the pillows was a stroke of genius! Within minutes of the pigs going in their enclosure there already was one who went straight to the bed and fell asleep on the pillows!

The donkeys on the other hand were quite funny too, as they seemed to try and escape from the enclosure but it held pretty well and there were no issues with it. The owners were extremely happy with the work I had done and were a little sad to see me go! I would do it all again though in an instant and and work as pet sitters or dog sitters -- so should you!

There are many pet jobs posted on the net for people who are planning of moving to Australia, secure a career through TAFE course, or just pass their internship in flying colors. Jobs with animals like this allow professionals to study travel and work in Australia and gain work experience. You can also earn good amount through jobs such as carpentry and stay for free at your owner's place by working as a animal care provider.