Zoo Keeper Jobs Australia

Zoo keeping in Australia and making things clean with poultry
By Umar Gurtyson

I had to travel to Australia the other year doing some zoo keeping work and it has to be said it was a really enjoyable time. There were many different animal jobs to do around the zoo but one of the main jobs with animals was ensuring that cages were clean and keep sanitised. It was sometimes difficult to do as there would be times that the cages would never seem to get clean! The most difficult one to maintain I found were the poultry cages as those damn birds seem to always be making a mess! It was a constant battle, but we soon worked our way through it.

The first part of working with animals was cleaning that involved rigorously getting rid of all the dirt and grime build up in the cages. Even if you cleaned these once a day, you would always find more the next day. It was simply incredible to see how much dirt would build up, I couldn’t believe it! We would have to keep the birds in a separate area so that we could really clean, and we did find some great products to help with this over time. All the food bowls and water dishes also had to be thoroughly washed as a part of the animal care work.

The final part involved disinfecting everything as much as we could. The more we did this then the more it seemed to become clean so it worked fairly well if you ask me. The feeding trays and water trays would also have to be really cleaned out to make sure that they were often safe enough for the birds, and you would see a bit of a difference if you kept doing it consistently. It was very hard work but as I said before I really enjoyed it, and you will too if you ever get the chance to try it!

As you can feel, migration to Australia is difficult, especially if you don’t have a job to back you up. It is possible however, to study, travel and work in Australia, gain useful work experience. Some work with animals while few work in zoos to make a headway in their career.