Police Dogs Training

Police dogs are specially trained service dogs which help to find explosives, narcotics, suspects, or even protect people if assigned to do so. There are specially trained dog handlers who judiciously train the dogs humanly.

Young Dogs with Suitable Temperament and Energy can Graduate to Become Powerful Police Dogs

Have you ever come across well-behaved and handsome looking dogs going passed kiosks in a mall or crowded parks? At airports or stations the dogs dutifully check out for arsenals and bombs.

You may even read some stories where narcotic drugs were discovered from an insignificant shelve in a large building. Arms or spurious drugs often discovered from remote spots that people cannot normally guess.

It is not possible for humans to do this feat all by themselves. Indeed, the police are helped in numerous ways by specially trained dogs, the police dogs. But, it is also not possible for any dog to do this all by themselves as well. There are dog handlers who train them and dog squad officer who looks after the dogs and handles them in different assignments.

Police Dog Functions
Police dogs are friendly and well behaved dogs when not performing their duties. They swiftly inform policemen about cadaver, drugs, and bombs. Sometimes they help to catch suspects and bark or threaten them to keep them from escaping.

Generally, the special dogs don’t bite people. However, they are trained to bite only when suspects are escaping or fleeing away from the scene. The dogs obey the commands of their owner – who is generally a police officer of the dog squad team.

Dogs Breeds and Features
The idea behind police dogs is that they help to sniff out some objects or help detect something fishy for the police force. They are trained keeping in mind their natural instinct for aggression.

Although trainers don’t mind training cross breeds, yet they are very particular about the temperament of the dog and its basic instinct to attack or bark at objects that react them. Tough dogs which are trainable are selected by dog trainers.

Generally, the dogs of the following breeds are picked to be trained as police dogs. These include Belgian Malinois, Beagle, Boxer, BloodHound, Doberman pinscher, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retriever.

Before being trained, the dogs must exhibit the following features:

  • Active and social
  • Sound temperament
  • Eager to learn
  • Alert
  • Physically fit
  • Not very aggressive but not timid as well

…young dogs till the age of 2 years are selected as police dogs. The dogs need to pass a series of assessment tests before being taken as a trainee for helping the police force.

Training Police Dogs
Grooming and cleaning are quite important for training police dogs. They are trained to be confident and made to believe that they can quell any problems in case they have a duty to protect people. As a result, they suavely bark to get their job done.

Those directing officials to explosives or narcotics are trained to just identify the object. They are handsomely awarded with treats after their detection.

Do you have queries on police dogs or want to know how to train them? Write to our animal care counsellor to know more about these canine friends.