Pet Jobs Benefits

Pet Job Benefits


Added benefits of a Pet Job

Former U.S. President Harry Truman once quipped:  “If you want a friend in Washington,  get a dog”.

How true in its broader aspects this has been borne out.
Modern research has indeed proven that not only owning pets but working with and interacting with pets benefits ones psychological and physical existence. Some pet jobs are very rewarding, such as a job of a dog trainer. If you can stop a dog from jumping up, you would find it a positive mark in your career in animal care.

The physical benefits have been tracked in numerous studies. Petting animals can lower a persons blood pressure and prompt the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are critical in affecting so much in our bodies well being and have healthy results in digestion, clarity and calmness of mind and a happy disposition.

High pressure jobs that even health care workers can experience are benefited by the daily interaction with pets. It lowers the workers stress levels and when that care worker is in the field of animal care, why,..that is the best of both worlds. Many work in carpentry jobs in Australia and also as a part time dog sitter.

Dogs and cats are certainly the most common examples of pets in this 'pet therapy' use, yet there are numerous other choices all yielding similar lowered stress benefits.

Birds, fish in an aquarium, horses, reptiles, have shown positive results for lowering stress but also most telling, many of these are a great therapy for autistic individuals as well.

When the world seems not to want to befriend us, our dogs and pets never abandon us. Check at our site for various types of pet jobs. You can add a TAFE Australia course on animal care, such as take up a course on veterinarian and make a head start in your career.