Clipping a poodle in Australia
By Robert Trepkwoski
Being a pet sitter from Poland had been quite amazing. As I had to travel to Australia, I took up the pet job and also got free accommodation at the pet owner’s home for pet sitting. I stayed with this amazing family in Cairns, Australia who had the sweetest little pet dogs. They were 2 poodles and I loved them so much! However being poodles they needed a lot of attention and clipping!

For a perfect pet care, you should start by getting a pair of clippers and gently shaving their underside. This then allows you to have some clean fur underneath straight away. The dogs were always relatively calm with during their clipping which did make things easier.

After fixing underneath you then can get to work on the top. It was important to be very careful and ensure you always had a nice smooth area to shave. Doing it slowly too was very important as you didn’t want to lose your concentration.

The hardest bit was always getting the right shape, so after a few practices on a soft toy you then should always make sure the fur is correct. This job with animals did take me a few goes to do it but I eventually got it right!

The owners even said I had done the ideal animal care therapy they had seen in a long time! Pet sitters with avid knowledge in working with animals have good chance of moving to Australia either permanently or for a working holiday. The tourism in Australia has also been upbeat in recent times which ensures travelers to enjoy their holiday in Australia outback. Tourists can add Australia photos on their photo album while traveling and also work as house sitter or an Au Pair in Australia to stay for free in various homes.